Mainely Meat was the creation of the oldest brother in a family of four children. Although he introduces himself to people as "Paul", his family calls him "Doug".

       In his former life he got his hands dirty and he was proud of it. "I'm a dirt digger," he would brag the same as he would have had he said, "I'm an astronaut,". Actually he was a tower crane operator. He helped build many a tall building all over the North and South and he loved every minute of  it. But crane work in the small town of Bar Harbor is a small market so he went to work for various contractors operating heavy duty equipment and dreamed of some day being high in the air again.

On a whim, he bought the BBQ business from a couple who were moving out of town. It was housed on a trailer that he hauled around on the back of his truck. (He looked like The Beverly Hillbillies coming down the road, often to a fancy house on millionaire's row in Northeast Harbor). The wife of the man who sold him the business showed him how to do rubs and whatever other tricks she knew and he went from campground to campground on weekends and at one point he ended up at Atlantic Brewery (micro-brewery) walk area. The owner of the brewery asked him if he wanted to open up a restaurant in the sandwich shop and he said yes.

     That was the beginning of what turned out to be an awesome story. Doug quit his (dependable) job and took a gamble. People thought he had to be crazy but if the results of his gamble is what comes from being crazy more people need to dabble in it.

     That was ten years ago. He has a personality that doesn't quit and some people would try out his food just to be around him, For sure the food has to be palatable because "personality" will only get you just so far when it comes to satisfying the palate. But the food was above and beyond good and the combination spelled success. It so happens, and if the truth be known, the wife who showed him how to cook BBQ knew what she was talking about.

     Laura is the youngest of the four Douglas children and the only girl. She has worked in the food industry since she was very young and knows every aspect of the business. She can do anything within those walls that every worker is capable of. She can cook, wait on tables, order food, sell food and equipment (she worked for a major food distributor) and has been a manager of major restaurant chains. That training set her up for knowing the ins and outs of restaurants. However, she will say that there is nothing like hands-on experience and she is, obviously, right about that.

She came to Maine in 2010 when her brother Doug asked her to rescue a second restaurants (in the Bar Harbor area) that was headed for failure. He discovered that he was really a one-restaurant-man and he didn't want to lose the reputation he had earned with a lot of hard work. It was a good reputation.

She came, she conquered and she came back to buy it from her brother the next summer. Doug taught her how to cook BBQ his way and she was off and running. She brought her two sons, Jordan and Christian (and her life partner, Erik) with her and they learned what was needed whether it be cooking, washing dishes or waiting tables. They were all invaluable during that year of her first restaurant.

      As they say, The proof was in the pudding. But that pudding had a lot of family help besides her children and her life partner. Her brothers Tim and Ed were there every day making sure things ran well. They waited tables, seated customers, handed out menus, washed dishes and would have cooked had it been necessary. They didn't leave her to sink of swim on her own.

      Once the summer was over she decided a year-round business was necessary so she looked into building another restaurant and that one was to be in Ellsworth, what is now known as Mainely Meat on Main. That was a decision she would not regret.

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